onsdag 16. oktober 2013

Natt til 17.10.2013 - Bøler, Oslo.
NRK1 i kveld om statistikk var artig, interessant og tankevekkende. Slutten var om
at det også føres statistikk over folks følelser, ut fra hva de ytrer på Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. blogger etc etc. Der er nok ikke jeg med. Til nå. For jeg har sjelden (aldri) hatt en status som begynner med "I feel ...". Men for å gi et bidrag:
I feel sad, disapointed, tired, hopeless, guilty, sorry, bad, mos...t of the time, though I should feel lucky to live, in the part of the world where I do live, have two adult sons, fairly good health, an almost balanced economy, job, place to live, options to do things in life etc etc.
But I seldom feel happy. There is of course a glimpse of excitement and joy now and then. But very often I feel that I do not matter at all, my life is really pointless, things are very wrong in this world and it doesn't seem to get any better, I feel sorry for all the people who suffer, angry for all the stupidity among people and all the greed and seeking for power amongst the world's leaders, i feel hopeless towards the fact that money rules and the "smartest" people takes it all, I feel also that I have wasted much of my life in doing pointless things, made bad choices, probably hurt some people, made life hard for my sons, I feel afraid of what might happen to them further on, to all the people living on Earth, due to their hopeless situation, other people's bad actions, greed and selfishness, I feel emptyness when looking at the future, personally, for my nearest ones and the entire humanity. Indeed, I often feel very depressed. Still, i wish to stay alive, keep health and to work, travel, see, listen, read, experience and understand more before I die. I believe that must be the only point in living at all. There. I have expressed my main feelings at this point of life and hence contributed to the statistics.